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  Coughing Ashtray -   Better than nicorettes...
  £6.95 from
This may just look like a cool metal ashtray but as you put your ash in it, it starts coughing its lungs up. Great novelty fun gift idea for someone who is trying to give up smoking. Forget buying nicorettes to try to kick the habit, as this will put you off smoking for life. more...

  Blade Runner Remote Control Helicopter -  A proper chopper
  £78.95 from

This is tipped to be the best selling "Boy Toy" of Christmas 2004, and after 5 minutes of playing with it, it's easy to see why. You can control it within a 20 metre range, and unlike other r/c helicopters, it features fully proportional controls. It's easy to pilot... More

  Illuminating Keyboard -  A bright idea
  £39.95 from
Hi-tec design and funky looks makes this a must have computer accessory. It's perfect for the late night computer user and techno geek. Buy valium tabs, valium dosage for muscle pain, can valium help with ibs, sevrage valium symptomes, can you take valium with doxycycline More

  Paintball Gun -  Super accurate
  £12.95 from
This sleek 11" (28cm) silver gun fires small paintballs accurately over a long range; we estimated at least 50 metres (the minimum recommended shooting distance is 5 metres). The balls are fired by a high-powered spring mechanism as no batteries or CO2 are required, unlike some similar models. More

  Lightning Reaction Game -  A shock to the system
  £19.95 from
Pit your reactions against upto 3 other challengers - it's fastest finger first and the slowest finger get a shock. Push the start button and the light in the centre of the gadget flashes red for a random amount of time, once it changes to green all the challengers must push the red trigger switch on their handle. The slowest person is the one who will get the shock!!! Fab for parties or any get together. More

  3 Linkable Flashing Party Lights - Party season essential
  £17.95 from
Create your own party lighting system with these cool flashing party lights. They can be used individually, or you can link together as many as you like. More

  Tiny Box 256MB MP3 Player With FM Radio -  Under �90!
  £89.95 from
We were so amazed at the price of this quality Mp3 player, we had to triple check it with manufacturer. Most 256mb players are at least twice this price, and the features of the "Tiny Box" are just as impressive. Its size is 4.2 x 6 x 1.2cm (smaller than a credit card!), and it even has an FM radio. More

  R/C Stealth Hovercraft - Hovers across land & water
  £29.95 from
This air-powered amphibious radio control vehicle jets over surfaces on a cushion of air - just like the real thing. Three separate motors shoot pressurized air downwards and provide the power to blast over snow, water, glass, carpet or even the living room floor. More


Voice Recording
Key Chain


Mesh Fruit Bowl

Magnetic Darts
Shooting Gallery

Namco 5-in-1 TV Game

Calorie jump
skipping rope


Twighlight Tracer
Light-up Golf Ball


Mini Power BB Firing Tank

Illuminating Ice Cubes

Starr Bottle Opener

Wallet Ice Scraper

Mobile Phone SIMKey
Keyring Databank

RC Flying Blimp/
Blimp Bomber


Power Ball With
Glow And Digital


Eon Ice Torch

Bring your mobile phone to life and give it your personal touch, with a quality
ringtone, logo, or game, or send a picture message. Click here for details...


What do the reindeer sing to Father Christmas on his birthday?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!

'I think I'll have to take this sledge for a service,' Father Christmas sighed.
You'd never get it up the church steps!

Who is never hungry at Christmas?
The turkey - he's always stuffed!

Doctor, Doctor! Everyone thinks I'm a liar!
Doctor: I don't believe you!

Why do birds fly south for the winter?
Because it's too far to walk.

One time Father Christmas lost his underpants.
That's how he got the name Saint Knickerless!

What did the police do when the hares escaped from the zoo?
They combed the area!

What happened to the cross-eyed teacher?
He couldn't keep his pupils under control!


Every product page has a "Review this product/Send us your image of this product" link, and each month, the best image that we publish, and the best review get �50 each to spend at So send us an image and a review and give yourself a chance to go on a �100 shopping spree at our expense.

This month's winning review:

The Blade Runner Remote Control Helicopter, as seen here.

If you've got 80 quid in your pocket spend it on this. As you can see from their video clip, this is a dream to fly, and gives you a real ego buzz. I really cannot put into words how fun this is - I have a flying circuit through every room in my house, and me and my mates try to beat the best time. It's good that it has 3 optional frequencies, as one of my friends has just bought one from you as well, so we can race against each other at the same time. Also just wanted to give some high praise to - your site is brill, super fast to use, and your delivery is just as quick.
Brian Alexiou, Milton Keynes - Nov '04.

This month's winning picture:

"A Paintball Gun/Kit for under �13! Amazing! - As you can see, in preparation for the hunting ban, I've taken up paintballing - me and my mates bought 10 Kits from Paramount Zone, and they arrived as promised within 2 days. We had such a laugh paintballing for 3 hours last weekend. Highly recommended." Jo - Carlisle.

To see more submitted pictures, take a look at our customer picture gallery by clicking here.


Since it's the season of goodwill, send us your best Christmas cracker joke, we're giving away 3 of our popular paint ball guns to those we judge are the best!

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