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  • CUB RC PLANE: It comes 100% ready to fly as it is extremely prefabricated - which to you and me means it is factory made and ready to go!!! Even the radio receiver, servos, and motor controller are factory installed for you to make your virgin flight a true pleasure.

  • MINI RC CAR: Feel the excitement as you race around a track, screeching round the corner, skidding round the hairpin, burning up straights and dodging other cars as you fly over the cross roads....

  • 'HEART PILOT' - the innovative oscillometric blood pressure measuring device for the wrist will give you your readings quickly, simply and correctly. Using to the exact double-measurement method.

  • Grand Prix Golden Years DVD - How drivers such as Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Niki Lauder carved themselves a place in motor racing history, during the most exciting decades of modern Grand Prix.


Eon Ice
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Race Track
Price: 14.95
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